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What is CodeLinaro?

CodeLinaro is a cloud-based DevOps platform enabling companies and communities to comprehensively and securely manage distribution of software to their customers and users.

A seamlessly integrated world class software
distribution platform provided by Linaro

CodeLinaro integrates world leading functional components for software distribution into a single consistent view.

Through CodeLinaro’s centralized user management, you can provision and manage user and customer access to your software products and projects from one single platform.

Designed to enable software distribution

CodeLinaro enables you to distribute both open source and proprietary software components to your customers and communities.

CodeLinaro supports publishing to a wide variety of repository types.

Securely manage access to your software

CodeLinaro is a business friendly solution that allows companies to decide what to share, when to share it and with whom and securely manage the process from end-to-end.

Automate and build upon your existing business processes

Through CodeLinaro’s APIs, you can integrate the platform with your internal business infrastructure, effectively streamlining processes by making CodeLinaro software distribution part of your company’s workflow.

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